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Applied Kinesiology

Do you have back pain? Has your overall health been compromised? Our highly trained Minneapolis Chiropractors at Strauman Youde Chiropractic are certified in Applied Kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology is a great asset in helping the doctors evaluate the functional status of your whole body, and helps determine which specific therapies are best for you to get you back to a healthy state of being.

Common complaints like headache, insomnia, intestinal upset, mild depression, anxiety and backache, or a lingering cold, which people often ignore or self medicate, are subtle symptoms of a universal degenerative process along a spectrum of health. These symptoms are signposts along the road to disease and continued pain.

These early changes in the body are detectable and treatable using Applied Kinesiology. Applied Kinesiology asks the body what it needs and the body answers. It takes away all the guessing. Our goal using this type of treatment is to halt the degenerative process or slow down the process, which delays the onset of disease and allows robust health to be maintained into old age. Applied Kinesiology is your path to less pain, better performance, more energy and true health.

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